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Advocacy for refugee, asylum seeking and trafficked women


This specialist service will support you to recover from the violence, abuse and exploitation you have suffered, and to gain a place of safety where you can be in control of your own life and make positive decisions about your future.


An advocacy worker will work with you to solve immediate issues of safety and will address basic needs such as homelessness, lack of food and the need for mental & physical health services.


The worker will encourage, support & inform you so you can be active in your own immigration case, understand it, respond promptly when you get letters from the Home Office and solicitors, and be pro-active in collecting and discussing new evidence to support your case.


The advocacy worker will also work with you to build a support network around you including signposting and referring to other agencies and groups. She will support you to plan for the future, to get work experience through volunteering and gain skills & knowledge through attending community ESOL and IT classes, and where possible attending college and applying for bursaries and University places.


You will be supported to access other specialist sexual violence services at Bradford Rape Crisis including counselling to work on recovery from the trauma, and Mindfulness to learn useful techniques to help you deal with stress and anxiety.


Call our helpline on 0800 448 0710


Shared Support Group for Refugee, Asylum Seeking & Trafficked Women


The weekly Shared Support Group builds mutual support between women and resilience to cope with the fear, anxiety and many months of uncertainty commonly experienced in the immigration and asylum system.


Call our helpline to find out more about this service.


0800 448 0710