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Specialist support for Black, Asian and Minoritised Women and Girls


Why do we use the term Black, Asian and Minoritised?


The term Black can be interpreted as a political term for all people of colour, and it can also refer specifically to Black African and Black Caribbean people as in the Black Lives Matter movement. 
The term Asian is very important for us in the context of the Bradford District, as many of our clients will identify with being Asian. 
We prefer the term ‘Minoritised’ to ‘Minority Ethnic':  In our view ‘Minority Ethnic’ sounds reductive and it side-lines people. It also ignores the fact that the ethnicities to which we refer as ‘minority’ in the UK actually make up the majority of the populations of the world. 
On the other hand, the term ‘Minoritised’ refers to how it is society’s perception of ethnicities that creates the othering of people and underpins racism.

Also when we recognise that people are Minoritised, it opens up questions – who is responsible? - and what are we going to do about it?


Specialist ISVA Support for Black, Asian & Minoritised Women and Girls


Our specialist BAM independent Sexual Violence Advisor work with women and girls aged 13 and over, who have been affected by rape and /or sexual violence at any time in their lives who are considering reporting or who have reported to the police,


We offer a culturally sensitive service that understands the complex needs of women and girls from diverse cultural backgrounds and how this may impact their experience of accessing and engaging with the criminal justice system.


The Jyoti service


The Jyoti service is a specialist service for Black, Asian and Minoritised women and girls, which is run by Black, Asian and Minoritised women.


Jyoti offers a culturally sensitive approach to dealing with issues around rape & sexual violence. The fear of how we will be perceived within our family, community and culture often means that these issues are dismissed, kept secret or never acknowledged. Shame and family honour prevent many women from speaking about their experiences. 


Our workers also understand how racism can impact on women’s lives, and make it harder for us to find the support we need.


The Jyoti service is a safe place where you can come and talk about the difficulties you face at the moment, or the abuse you experienced in the past. Confidentiality is of the upmost importance.


We offer services in a range of languages and are able to access a confidential interpreting service. All our counsellors and interpreters are Black, Asian or Minoritised women.


We run a specialist Jyoti helpline, so you know your call will be answered by a Black, Asian or Minoritised woman.


We offer one-to-one counselling, which gives you a safe, non-judgemental space to be heard by a specialist counsellor who can help you explore the impacts of sexual violence. Through regular face-to-face sessions, the Jyoti service hopes you will be able to shed the shame, find positive ways of coping, and recover and heal.


We also run a support group which enables women to come together, to share their experiences and their own ways of coping, and to support each other.


Call our helpline on 0800 448 0710 to find out more about our Jyoti service.


Jyoti Service


Counselling for Black, Asian and Minoritised women and girls


0800 448 0710