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Hurt by sexual violence

When you have been hurt by sexual violence you may be feeling confused, angry or sad.

Sexual violence towards another person

Sexual violence can be when someone touches another person's body or does things to them that they do not like or want them to do.

Making a person do sexual things they do not want to

It can also be when someone makes another person do sexual things that they do not want to do.

Recover from sexual violence It is important to know that you can recover after sexual violence and you can feel ok again.
Talking about sexual violence It can really help to have someone to talk to.
Sexual violence support from women We are a group of women who are here to listen and understand.
Bradford Rape Crisis national helpline

You can talk to us on our free phone number. If we do not answer please leave a message and we will call you back.

Phone us on: 0800 448 0710

Free sexual violence national  helpline There is also a free National Helpline you can call that is always open. Phone: 0808 500 2222
Sexual violence safe place Or you can come to our centre and talk in a safe place.
Easy read self help guide

You can read more about how you can recover from sexual violence in our Easy read self help guide.


To read this guide click here.